What is the process of precision sheet metal processing?

The conventional precision sheet metal processing technology adopts: shear-blow-bend-welding process or flame plasma cutting-bending-welding process.

When re-examining the new precision sheet metal processing technology: laser cutting – bending – welding / riveting, due to the high flexibility of the laser cutting, high precision, 3D design technology mature and popular, users can from the new design, new Benefit from the process, so as to achieve the requirements of reducing costs and shortening the construction period. In the face of orders for multiple varieties, small batches, customization, high quality, and short lead times, it appears to be obviously unsuitable. The laser cutting process emerges as an alternative process of “shearing-rushing”, which is characterized by its flexibility and high flexibility. At the same time, most people also think that its cost is high. It is often used in the production of shaped (or complex shape) workpieces and samples (single or very small batch). However, as small-volume manufacturing becomes more and more popular, the demand for laser cutting is also increasing. So the new precision sheet metal process starts with the design: design laser cutting bend welding/striking.

Precise sheet metal processing will positively affect China’s implementation of the third-step strategic deployment in the next five to fifteen years. The rise of precision sheet metal processing companies eliminates the need for production companies to purchase raw materials, transportation, and other miscellaneous sequences, which saves a lot of manpower, material resources, and energy; it also saves the cost of building factories, equipment, and equipment for companies that prepare to purchase equipment. The cost of many internal resources such as recruiting employees, establishing inventory, and managing data. In the metal processing industry, precision sheet metal processing has become an indispensable component. Beijing Qizhong Communication Equipment will introduce you to the latest and most comprehensive knowledge of precision sheet metal processing technology, allowing you to become familiar with every step of precision sheet metal processing technology. Let you easily grasp the process of precision sheet metal processing. Welcome to reprint Qizhong Communication Equipment, but please indicate the source of our article. The form of precision sheet metal processing and distribution breaks the traditional practice of logistics procurement and transportation, and introduces the concept of processing and distribution. Such concepts and ideas broaden horizons and accelerate the integration of traditional mechanical production and skills.

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