Causes of machining size error due to sheet metal laser cutting

The size error of sheet metal laser cutting is a fault often encountered when using a laser cutting machine. This failure not only affects the production efficiency, but also increases the production cost. Causes of machining size error are mainly caused by:

1. The signal line is abnormal. The signal line needs to be replaced at this time.

2. The equipment and computer are badly grounded. At this point, the equipment and the computer need to be well grounded.

3. The computer is not operating properly. You need to repair your computer or replace your computer.

4. The computer operating system is faulty or infected with a virus. Need to reinstall the operating system or virus killing.

5. The application software is abnormal. In this case, you need to reinstall the software for the software and motion control card.

6. The power supply is unstable or caused by interference signals. At this time need to install a regulator or remove the interference signal.

7. Incorrect programming of machining programs. At this point you need to check and repair the machining program.

8. The processing parameters are not set correctly. It is necessary to reset the correct processing parameters.