Rack shell sheet metal processing attention skills

b. panel layout, layout of components within the chassis

1. The size of the panel is determined after the type and size of the chassis are determined. The selection and layout of various controls and display devices on the panel should be based on the requirements of electrical schematics, ergonomics, modeling, and ventilation. .

2. The arrangement of the internal components of the chassis is determined according to the electrical schematic diagram, the main components, the external dimensions and the mutual relations of the components, and taking into consideration the ventilation, vibration reduction, shielding, and the convenience and aesthetic level of the wiring.

c. Determine the type and size of the chassis

1, the chassis type is in the overall layout process, according to different product application requirements, develop a variety of different programs, through discussion and analysis and comparison to determine whether it is wall-mounted, desktop or shelf type.

2. The size of the chassis is determined by the size of the components in the chassis, and then the standard size is selected according to the size; the standard dimensions can also be selected first, and then the layout of the components in the box can be allocated.

Chassis housing shell sheet metal processing quality: In this one is mainly to consider the issue of heat, we all know that this type of equipment will generate a lot of heat during operation, then we have to take this into account when purchasing. Then, when buying, where should we look at? The analysis of sheet metal chassis manufacturers, choose to have more cabinet baffles, but also have cooling holes, while the side wall fan should be installed on the back wall of the cabinet, in addition, the top of the cabinet at least Use two to four fans. There must also be a wrap around the fixed cable to prevent damage to the cable.