Processing requirements for processing methods in sheet metal processing

In the process of sheet metal processing, according to the basic processing methods of sheet metal parts, the following materials, bending, stretching, forming, welding.

Every kind of sheet metal processing method we must pay attention to the process requirements in the process.

According to the different cutting methods of the processing methods, it can be divided into general punching, several punching, cutting bed cutting, sheet metal laser cutting, and wind cutting. Due to the different processing methods, the cutting material processing technology is also different. Sheet metal blanking methods are mainly for punching and laser cutting. The advantage of laser cutting is that the thickness of the sheet to be processed is large, the workpiece shape is cut quickly, and the processing is flexible. The disadvantage is that the forming cannot be performed. The mesh member should not be processed in this manner, and the processing cost is high.

Welding methods include arc welding, electroslag welding, gas welding, plasma arc welding, fusion welding, pressure welding, and brazing. Welding of sheet metal products is mainly arc welding and gas welding. Arc welding has the advantages of flexibility, maneuverability, wide applicability, all-position welding, simple equipment, good durability, and low maintenance costs. However, the labor intensity and the quality are not stable enough, depending on the operator’s level. The temperature and properties of the gas welding flame can be adjusted. The arc welding heat source is wider than the heat affected zone, and the heat is not as concentrated as the arc, and the productivity is low.

Therefore, in the process of sheet metal processing, it is necessary to pay attention to different process requirements according to the processing method requirements.