Quality assurance factors in sheet metal processing of machinery and equipment

Mechanical equipment shell sheet metal processing is to determine the product quality is the laser cutting process, its speed and precision determine the product delivery and quality, is the company’s main competitive place. This is why our factory has to invest a lot of money to introduce the 3030 laser cutting machine. Then, in the actual processing, what factors can be better protected in the laser cutting process?

1. Control cutting speed

In fact, no matter what kind of material, can make the cutting speed and material extremely consistent, then the cutting effect is the best at this time, too fast or too slow will have an impact on laser cutting.

2. The thickness and roughness of the material

Laser cutting is most suitable for cutting thin plates. The best thickness is less than 12mm carbon steel and less than 6mm stainless steel. The processed quality is obviously enhanced, and the efficiency is also guaranteed. If cutting <1mm material, the cuts will be extremely smooth. The surface roughness of the material and the surface roughness of the material also determine the quality of the cut. Generally, the smoother the material, the better the quality of the cut.

3. Operating power and mode of laser equipment

After research has proved that the higher the power of the laser equipment, even if the same cutting board, the effect will be better than the average. Laser cutting patterns and materials have a certain degree of fit, the higher the better the effect

4. Focus position

The focus of the laser cutting machine can be right, the cutting accuracy and accuracy can reach the desired requirements.

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